About us

About us

Hardsurfacing Technology CO., LTD.

In the spirit of innovation and development, with the innovation of production technology and the increase in production speed, the cycle of product changes is getting shorter and shorter, and competition between industries is becoming fierce. In production, meeting customer order delivery and improving productivity has become the management performance indicator of most factory operators, so it is adopted in quality: policies such as satisfactory delivery, satisfactory quality, and the pursuit of excellence; etc .; Big steps: innovation, excellence, trust. In terms of re-innovation, it refers to management innovation, equipment innovation, and product innovation; in terms of excellence, it is self-improvement and quality improvement; in terms of trust, it is punctual, observant, respectful, and trustworthy.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, Hechang Spray Welding Co., Ltd. continuously develops and advances to provide the industry with more durable and more innovative parts, and successively cooperates with large industries and foreign customers to jointly manufacture high-quality parts sets.
The current business projects include various types of steel processing, metal spray welding / welding processing, mechanical parts manufacturing, metal surface hard surface engineering, and spray welding of highly wear-resistant alloys.

The company produces rollers, which are manufactured in Taiwan. It is a professional manufacturer of dense chain machines and main parts.

Manufactured by roller, using superior control water channel and average leaf thickness. Welded carbide STELLITE at the blade position. It has sufficient strength and long service life. It will not break under normal use. The quality of the whole process control pipe is excellent.

The excellent manufacturers who have used our products are as follows: Zhengxin tires, Jianda tires, Nangang tires, Bridgestone, American dense chain machine manufacturers, Japanese well-known branded dense chain machines ... and other major suppliers.